Versatile file manager with many features

This page provides an overview of the features contained in the Standard and Pro editions. Click on a category to display the corresponding features, or on Show everything to see the details for all categories.

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Main Features    
Modern and customizable user interface    
Full support for Windows 7, 8 and 10    
Choose from several visual designs (including Office 2007, 2010 and 2013; Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2015)    
Icons for menus and icon bars in the styles of Office 2003, Office 2007/2010 and Office 2013    
Sharp display on high resolution displays (HiDPI)    
Two folder windows which can be arranged horizontally or vertically    
Stack several folders in one folder window through tabs    
Directly access Desktop, This PC and virtual folders (including tablets and smartphones)    
Optional folder tree view in every folder tab    
Drive window (drive selection through combo box, one or two button bars)    
Integrated Quick View for up to 100 file formats    
Command prompt    
Command output window    
Use QuickDrop icons as targets for file operations    
Define chorded (two-step) keyboard shortcuts    
Run as portable app from a USB drive    
Easily save and restore settings    
Expand using Add-ins    
Use macros to automate tasks    
Wizard helps through initial setup    
File View & Navigation    
File view with large icons, small icons, details, tiles or thumbnails    
NC selection mode with adjustable colors    
Optionally hide file icons    
Quickly access crucial system folders    
Display drive status and folder information    
Synchronize folder windows    
Store and restore multiple layouts    
Quickly access the Start Menu, Internet Favorites and Desktop elements    
Define of up to 50 filters for file display and file operations    
Use folder favorites to quickly switch to a folder, archive or FTP path    
Integrate external applications as User Tools    
AutoComplete and AutoSuggest in many input fields    
Support for file icon overlay handlers    
Optionally exclude certain files and folders in folder window    
Use folder views to automatically adapt the display of certain folders (photos, music)    
Quickly switch between folder windows using the navigation window (Ctrl+Tab)    
File Management    
Display and sort files by name, size, type, date and attributes    
Group the display of files    
Display and hide columns in detail view using field chooser    
Navigation icons in the title bar of the folder window    
Highlight files using user-defined colors    
Copy and move files and folders    
Delete files and folders either using the Recycle Bin or Secure Delete    
Hard links are recognized when copying    
Create junctions, hard links and symbolic links    
Support for User Account Control (UAC) for file operations in UAC-protected folders    
Display Explorer context menu and expand with additional commands    
Pause file operations and set their priority    
Split files    
Display file properties    
Calculate folder sizes    
Compare folders    
Change file date and file attributes    
Print folder lists    
Access other devices through your network    
Rename multiple files and folders    
Manage file shortcuts    
Automatically install fonts when copying them into the Fonts system folder    
Display folder hierarchy    
File containers for frequently used files    
Open folders in SpeedCommander using the Explorer context menu    
Display folders in SpeedCommander when connecting a drive    
Compressed Files    
Direct support of these archive formats: 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZIP, CAB, GZIP, JAR, LZH, RAR, SQX, TAR, UUE, ZIP, ZIPX    
Display and extract MSI files    
Complete support of ZIP64 (ZIP) archives    
Support of Deflate64 for archive creation and extraction (ZIP)    
Support of LZMA and WavPack for archive extraction (ZIP)    
Extract RAR5 archives    
Create and extract archives in the background with pause support and priority selection    
Repair data for SQX archives (internal and external)    
Check archive integrity    
Support for archive and file comments    
Create folders within archives    
Encrypt archives and/or archive folder using AES    
Create signed archives    
Creative native multi-volume archives (SQX, ZIP)    
Create self-extracting archives (simple SFX, SFX for software installation, SFX with list view)    
Command line application for archive operations    
Data Volumes    
Format flash and hard drives as well as other volumes    
Copy disks    
Rename volumes    
Connect and disconnect network drives    
Web Browsing    
Integrated Internet Explorer    
Automatically resize folder window when browser is activated    
Personal start and search page    
FTP Server Access    
Transparent access to FTP and SFTP servers    
Support for encrypted SSL connections    
Easy management of FTP sites    
Support for additional initialization commands    
Adapt time zone for FTP server    
Download/upload files as ASCII, Binary or EBCDIC    
Automatic conversion of file names to lower case    
Set file permissions for uploads    
Transfer time stamps to FTP for uploads    
Delete files from servers    
Set file attributes    
Support for firewalls and proxy servers    
Automatically keep idle connection alive    
FTP command line    
File Display    
Integrated Quick View and external file viewer (SpeedView)    
Display text files    
Display graphics in many formats    
Display the most common archive formats    
Display multimedia files using integrated Windows Media Player    
Displayy program files (general information, imported/exported functions, certificates, resources)    
Display Delphi forms in design view    
Display font previews    
Display PDF files    
Display Meta files    
Syntax highlighting for popular text formats (HTML, source code, etc.)    
Integrate Windows preview modules    
File Editing    
Comfortably edit text files using included SpeedEdit editor    
Integrated syntax highlighting for many formats    
Define AutoText entries for autocomplete    
Set and use bookmarks    
Transform text into upper or lower case    
Switch text between upper and lower case    
Incremental search    
Write protect mode    
Print preview    
File Search    
Fast and convenient search application (FileSearch)    
Search folders or several drives    
Search within files (text, hexadecimal, binary)    
Find duplicate files    
Use search operators (AND, OR, NOT)    
Find Unicode-encoded text    
Display number of results    
Search within archives and self-extracting archives    
Transfer found files into a folder window or into SpeedCommander’s file containers    
Synchronize Files and Folders    
Conveniently synchronize files and folders through a comfortable interface and command line tool (FileSync)    
Sync files and folders based on time stamp, size or contents    
Use filters to include or exclude files and folders    
Multicolor highlighting of files to be copied    
Newer files can be highlighted in bold face or italics    
Delete orphaned files and folders    
Transfer security attributes    
Create a detailed log of changes    
Compare two files using an external comparison utility    
Command-line program to synch through script files    
Optical Media Writing and Disk Images    
Virtual drive icon to create burn projects for CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays    
Display detailed information regarding optical read/write devices    
Display media information for optical read/write devices    
Burn disk images (ISO and BIN)    
Create disk images    
Erase rewriteable optical media    
Display and extract files from disk images (ISO and BIN)    
Cloud Storage Access    
Direct Dropbox access – no additional applications needed    
Direct OneDrive Personal access – no additional applications needed    
Direct OneDrive Business access – no additional applications needed    
Direct BoxDrive access – no additional applications needed    
Direct WebDAV access – no additional applications needed    
Other Features
Access system restore points and shadow copies
Sort folder contents on removable drives